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Tucows Takes Over Domains from [Updated]

January 5,, Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, hover, TucowsComments Off on Tucows Takes Over Domains from [Updated]

ICANN selects Tucows to receive bulk transfer.

[Update: I have received clarification from Tucows that 1stDomain did not renew its accreditation with ICANN, rather than being terminated due to any sort of breach of contract. Further, it appears that registries did not cut off the registrar's access, but instead 1stDomain did this to facilitate the transfer.] Following the de-accreditation of domain name registrar, Tucows has been selected by ICANN to take over its customers’ domain management.

Some registries have cut off 1stDomains’ access, making it difficult for customers to manage their domain names. Tucows will manage the approximately 4,000 domain names through its retail operation Hover. Hover hopes to start emailing access usernames and passwords within the next 48 hours. No domain names should expire in the process since Hover gives a 40 day grace period on expired domain names.

It’s kind of surprising that 1stDomain has any domain names under management, given that its web site looks like it was created in 1994 and its copyright notice extends only to 2005.

Last year Tucows handled a bulk transfer from another de-accredited registrar, Parava. Hopefully this transfer will be easier for Tucows than the last one.

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