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SmartName Launches Content Site System, Upgrades Accounts

January 24, 2010active audience, Domain Parking, Domaining, Domainnamewire, goldkey, NameMedia, smartnameComments Off on SmartName Launches Content Site System, Upgrades Accounts

NameMedia launches SEO-friendly content system and upgrades domain name parking accounts.

Domain name parking company SmartName has launched a new content parking system, and has upgraded GoldKey and ActiveAudience accounts to take advantage of the new system.

The new content system enables domain owners to create content-filled web sites on their domain names with the click of a few buttons. The content web sites pull in external news and blog feeds and create a web site automatically with the goal of receiving search engine traffic.

The content system is monetized using search boxes and pay-per-click text ads. Users can also add their own banners and PPC ads, such as Google Adsense, and keep 100% of the revenue from those ads.

SmartName representatives demoed the system to me last week, and showed me a number of sites developed on the content system that have PageRank and have achieved high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The example below is fairly basic, but the system allows for extensive customization.

SmartName Content

The red circles represent SmartName’s monetization, which is shared with domain owners. The blue circles represent areas where the domain owner can add their own ad code and keep all revenue. There is one additional customizable spot near the bottom of the page.

Using SmartName parent company NameMedia’s domain names, the content system has been shown to increase organic traffic 10x, increase page views per visitor 40%-75%, and boost revenue 10-25%.

SmartName has also enhanced its E-commerce platform (also known as SmartName Shops), which allows customers to create a pay-per-click store on their domain names. An example I created (again, with no customization at all) is

Which domains will perform well on SmartName’s content and e-commerce platforms? Here’s how I’d segment your domains:

-High type-in traffic, good click-through rate, not a product domain: use standard parking

-High type-in traffic, product domain: try e-commerce template. Revenue per click may be a little lower but CTR should increase.

-Low type-in traffic, non-product domain: use content system to get indexed in search engines and receive traffic

-Low type-in traffic, product domain: use e-commerce parking to get indexed

-Any domain that is ineligible for Yahoo ads: content or e-commerce

It used to be extremely difficult to get an account at SmartName. However, users of GoldKey and ActiveAudience have had their accounts upgraded to SmartName in recent months as NameMedia consolidates its parking brands.

If the content and e-commerce templates are not listed in a client’s account, they should contact their account manager for activation.

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