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Ranking Domain Name Stocks in 2009

January 5, 2010adLINK, dark blue sea, Domaining, Domainnamewire, live current media, marchex, Tucows, Uncategorized, VeriSignComments Off on Ranking Domain Name Stocks in 2009

Mixed results for domain name stocks in 2009.

The U.S. stock markets returned about 35% in 2009. Domain name stocks were a mixed bag, however. Here’s how six publicly traded companies fared last year, based on the closing price December 31 of 2008 versus 2009.

Tucows (AMEX: TCX) – Up 106% – Tucows aggressively bought back shares in 2009, reducing its shares outstanding and thus increasing their price. But the buybacks only tell part of the story; the company did a good job weathering the financial storm.

Dark Blue Sea (ASX:DBS) – Up 100% – Thanks to a buyout from Photon Group, Dark Blue Sea investors who got in late were able to make a bit of a return.

VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN) – Up 27% – Investors shoved aside their worry of a lawsuit that might force VeriSign to lower .com prices.

AdLINK (DUS: LKI) – Down 1% – Sedo parent AdLINK held steady through its transition and sale of the display ad business, closing the year on the DUS at 3.14 EUR.

Marchex (MCHX) – Down 13% – Loss of Yahoo Site Inclusion as a product could weigh on stock going forward. Can Marchex shine as the king of local?

Live Current Media (OTCbb: LIVC) – Down 21% – Sold cricket business, sold big value domain names such as and What’s left? An online perfume business and a partnership for

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