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Adsense Discloses Revenue Share: 68%

May 24, 2010adsense rev share, adsense revenue share, Domain Services, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Adsense Discloses Revenue Share: 68%

Google discloses how much it pays its publishers.

After many years of complaining from publishers, Google has done an about-face on its stance on not disclosing how much money it passes along to its Adsense publishers.

In a blog post this morning, the company disclosed the numbers:

-68% of ad revenue paid to Adsense for Content Publishers
-51% of ad revenue paid to Adsense for Search Publishers

Furthermore, the company confirmed that it has paid out the same percentage to Content publishers since it launched the program in 2003. It has paid Search publishers 51% since 2005, when it increased the payout.

Interestingly, parking companies tell me they tend to get 65% to 75% revenue share from Google. If small publishers are getting 68%, that seems low for an aggregator. But consider that parking companies often access the search feed, which pays a lower percentage. Also, Google did not disclose how much it is paying from its “Adsense for Domains – Online” self service option, which may be lower

Keep in mind that even though the revenue share hasn’t changed, that doesn’t mean your payout per click hasn’t decreased. With “smart pricing”, Google is able to send higher click prices to its own properties and lower ones to its Adsense programs.

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