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October 19, 2009aeiou, Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, rick latonaComments Off on Calls it Quits

AEIOU getting out of the minisite business.

Mini site production company AEIOU, owned by Rick Latona, is throwing in the towel.

In a blog post at, Latona says there’s no money in web design. “It’s hard. The customers are hard to please. The margins are slim and frankly, there are bigger fish to fry”, wrote Latona.

What Latona doesn’t directly say but hints at: it’s hard to scale this type of business.

Customers with open orders will still have their projects completed. People who host their web sites on AEIOU need to move their sites within 90 days unless they have a hosting agreement with the company. (This is one more reason to insist that web designers and mini site developers let you host the web site, rather than hosting it on their servers.)

Latona deserves full credit for giving a go at this one. And even more credit for knowing when it was time to pull the plug.

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