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June 1, 2012amercia,, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, flippaComments Off on domain, featured on Mashable, up for auction at Flippa

Amercia, land of the free.

There’s an amusing story over at Mashable about the Chinese owner of the domain name, a typo of His story of why he bought the domain is heartwarming, but it’s worth noting that he owns at least 39 domain names. So think what you want.

The owner bought the domain in 2009 for $100. He received an occasional offer on the domain. But then recently he claims he received four inquiries about the domain within 24 hours, Mashable reports.

This spike in inquiries appears to be linked to a viral goofup in a Mitt Romney smartphone app. His campaign released an app that included the phrase “A Better Amercia”.

Now the owner wants to cash in. He has listed the domain on Flippa. It has a single bid at $2,200, but it hasn’t met the reserve price.

Frankly, the domain’s not worth squat in the long run. But I suppose a politician could make good use of it. And I give the owner credit for getting a lot of press.

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