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.App most popular TLD application, .home, .inc, and .art close behind

June 13,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, new tlds, UncategorizedComments Off on .App most popular TLD application, .home, .inc, and .art close behind

13 applications for .app domain name.

We must be in an app economy…

.App is the most contested new top level domain name application with 13 applications, and there are some big players battling for the domain. and Google are among the applicants for the .app domain. Expect a fierce battle.

Here are the other applications I found with 8 or more applicants, including if any very deep pocketed backers are going after them. If I missed any please comment.

11 .home – Google, GoDaddy
11 .inc
10 .art
9 .blog – Google
9 .book –, Google
9 .hotel include .hoteles
9 .llc – Google
9 .shop (plus 2 for .shopping) –,
8 .design
8 .movie –, Google,
8 .music –

.Web was expected by many to be the biggest, but only got 7 applications. Perhaps because many people expect a long, drawn out battle for it? VistaPrint applied for .webs (apparently twice).

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