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Q&A: Aron Meystedt launches

September 10, 2012aron meystedt, Domaining, Domainnamewire,, Uncategorized, xf.comComments Off on Q&A: Aron Meystedt launches

Owner of the world’s oldest .com domain name launches a new web site.

Aron Meystedt and his company domain investment company investments just launched a new web site builder tool on You may have heard of because it owns, the oldest .com domain name in existence.

I reached out to Aron to get the background on why he launched the site on and what the business plan is.

DNW: When did you acquire the domain name and what were the circumstances?

I bought 5 or 6 years ago. I contacted the original owner and made him an acceptable offer.

DNW: Did you have plans in mind for the domain when you bought it? What were they?

I wanted to name my company Media. Ultimately I decided on – since I’m attracted to the short, two-letter .com names. Since then, I’ve held – waiting for a plan to use it.

DNW: Why did you decide to use for a web site creator?

Great question.

With the new gTLD’s coming out in the next few years, there may be a substantial increase in small businesses and individuals looking to build a website. We wanted to create something incredibly easy to use. With, the user could have a website up and running in a matter of minutes, for free. We will host it for free as well. The interface is very intuitive and clean. So, if someone registers – they can head to and build a nice looking website and be online very quickly, at no cost. Users also receive a free subdomain at

Additionally, we are aware of domainer frustration with parking solutions. could become a development/parking hybrid in the near future. We wanted to roll out phase 1 of the site – and look to provide additional features that domainers desire.

DNW: The DIY web site creator market is very competitive, with lots of independent offerings as well tools from domain registrars and web hosting companies. What will make stand out?

With any entrepreneurial venture, two questions to ask are:

1. Is the business concept a viable alternative to current substitutes?

2. How well defined are the differences/improvements in our concept over the alternatives?

In short, we can’t compete with the Intuit’s and 1&1’s of the world. We can simply offer an alternative that looks and functions differently and let the users decide if they like it. offers these features:

-Template customization with backgrounds and images of your choice.
-Free contact forms.
-Location pages that automatically setup Google Maps for you.
-Twitter and Facebook buttons already integrated.
-The ability to easily track your analytics.
-Individual page templates to show your services, reviews, employees and more.
-SEO optimization for every page which allows you to enter your page titles and meta tags easily.
-The ability to copy/paste a snippet of monetization code (from any provider like Adsense) which will help you monetize your page.
-The ability to point your own domain name to your site or use a free subdomain of ours (example:
-Free hosting. Everything is free. All we ask is that we can email you occasionally and ask your input – and allow us to put a very small banner ad atop your page (but we may do away with that if the demand is there).

We plan to add additional features soon – we’d like the domainer community’s feedback. We also plan to improve the monetization methods – and partner with a PPC provider – and give you greater control over PPC locations and options.We’d like to improve based on customer feedback.

5. Is the tool white labeled or created in house?

We created everything.

We’re looking for feedback from domainers – and suggestions of what you’d like to see added. The solution is already great for small businesses and personal websites – but we want domainers to find a value in our offering as well.

We feel has a lot of potential and we’re excited to improve this free service. Sometimes, the goal isn’t to improve the income statement. In this case, we’re excited to provide a solid free service to domainers and to small businesses.

You can see the new site at Here’s a short tour highlighting the features of

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