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Donuts raises $100 million, applies for 307 new TLDs

June 5, 2012austin ventures, Domaining, Domainnamewire, donuts inc, paul stahura, UncategorizedComments Off on Donuts raises $100 million, applies for 307 new TLDs

Flush with cash, new TLD applicant applies for 307 top level domains.

Every week I check the SEC filings to see if Paul Stahura’s new TLD startup, Donuts, has raised more money. But every time I check there’s still just a filing about the $1 million it raised.

And that number seemed just about right, since Stahura has gone on the record saying the company planned to apply for 10 top level domains.

But today it dropped a shocker. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company raised $100 million in financing and is applying for a whopping 307 top level domain names.

Update: read my conversation with Donuts here.

The investment was led by Austin Ventures with Adams Street Partners, Emergence Capital, TL Ventures, Generation Partners, Stahurricane (Stahura’s own venture fund) and a number of smaller investors.

Mason Cole, formerly with, has joined Donuts. So has former ICANN CFO Kevin Wilson.

Also interesting is that Donuts is working with Demand Media for its registry backend services. Stahura sold eNom to Demand Media back in 2006. This is another shocker because Demand Media reported only picking up a small handful of registry clients. When it said that everyone assumed it was for just a few TLDs. But clearly that’s not the case. It also suggests that Demand Media worked with Donuts to make sure there was no overlap in what they are applying for. I can find no mention of Demand Media backing Donuts or that the $18 million Demand Media invested in new TLDs was actually a partnership with Donuts. The question remains: is Demand Media applying for any TLDs on its own?

I think I can sum this up with one word:


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Yep, Paul Stahura’s Donuts is All About New Top Level Domain Names

May 16, 2011austin ventures, Domaining, Domainnamewire, paul stahura, richard tindal, tl ventures, UncategorizedComments Off on Yep, Paul Stahura’s Donuts is All About New Top Level Domain Names

Another clue about Donuts’ plans.

At first I could only make an educated guess that Paul Stahura’s new venture, for which he recently raised $1 million, was about new top level domain names.

Then I got confirmation that the company was at least a domain name company thanks to a trademark filing.

Now we know for sure.

Donuts Inc. COO Richard Tindal just filed comments on the latest new top level domain name guidebook on behalf of the company.

That means TL Ventures and Austin Ventures are playing in the new top level domain name game — even if only with a small initial investment.

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