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Amazon Buys Typo of WeatherBug Web Site. Is Next?

September 6, 2011amazon web services,, Domain Sales, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Amazon Buys Typo of WeatherBug Web Site. Is Next?

Company may be acquiring three letter domain name for its web services offering. has registered, a common typo of

AWS is the acronym for the company’s popular Amazon Web Services platform.

It’s unusual for a company to register a typo of a domain name it doesn’t own, and it makes me wonder if the company is working on acquiring the domain name to redirect to is registered to AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc., an environmental measurement company known for its “Weatherbug” service. The company just changed its name to Earth Networks, Inc. this year. If you type in you’ll get a notice that you’re being forwarded to

Stay tuned…

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