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Demand Media Launches Blog Distribution Network

October 15, 2010blog network, Demand Media, Domain Services, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Demand Media Launches Blog Distribution Network

Blog network enables bloggers to syndicate their content across Demand Media web sites.

Demand Media, which owns domain name registrar eNom, has launched a blog distribution network.

Bloggers are able to syndicate their content across Demand Media’s properties including and Each syndicated article will include a backlink to the author’s blog. Bloggers will also share in the revenue Demand Media generates from ads alongside the syndicated content.

At one time Demand Media had a distribution network through its Pluck subsidiary, but it was very limited.

The Demand Media Blog Distribution Network could offer valuable SEO benefits as well as extra cash. But be aware that your syndicated content might outrank the content on your own page. Often times I’ll see an article syndicated from TechCrunch on a partner site that ranks higher in Google than the same article on

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