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Guy files cybersquatting complaint against a page on Blogger

June 15, 2012anticybersquatting act, blogger, Cybersquatting, Domaining, Domainnamewire, google, Policy & LawComments Off on Guy files cybersquatting complaint against a page on Blogger

Apparently followed by a bunch of numbers infringes this guy’s trademarks.

From the WTF category…

Nevada resident Steven Barket has filed a federal lawsuit against Google and a John Doe, claiming violations of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act and Lanham Act.

The offending domain name that violates Barket’s trademarks?

Yes, that’s a single page on the domain.

Barket demands a judgement ordering the transfer of the “domain”.

You’ll notice that the URL he’s claiming as cybersquatting doesn’t even include his name. I think what he’s really upset about is, which seems to be a blog saying bad things about Barket. It includes a few links to an inactive blog. But even that is a subdirectory of a domain, not a domain itself.

I can understand Barket wanting Google to remove the page, but I think his legal approach is misinformed.

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