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Vampires Fight Over Upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn Movie Domain

September 8, 2011breaking dawn, Domaining, Domainnamewire, National Arbitration Forum, Policy & Law, twilight sagaComments Off on Vampires Fight Over Upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn Movie Domain

Domain names an issue for upcoming movie release.

Breaking Dawn movieThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 is coming to theaters this November.

But before vampires duke it out on screen, a fight has already broken out over the film’s domain name: the creators have filed a complaint against the owner of in an effort to get the domain name. The complaint was filed with National Arbitration Forum.

Movie studios often add “themovie” to the end of titles in domain names when the name of the film itself is already registered. Because this version was taken, the studio has been forced to use with a hyphen as its domain.

Interestingly, itself is already an active web site about another movie called Breaking Dawn.

Although the domain name is likely to be transferred, there are a whole host of web sites that discuss the new Twilight film and us the name in their domains. Among the results on the first page of Google when I search “Breaking Dawn Movie” are three blogs:,, and My guess is the studio leaves all of these fan sites alone…it just wants to promote the film.

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