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DNW Radio: Brian Null Asks “What’s Your M.O.”?

March 31, 2010brian null, DNW Radio, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on DNW Radio: Brian Null Asks “What’s Your M.O.”?

Brian Null’s latest internet venture builds on past experiences.

Brian Null’s latest venture has a great domain name — But this isn’t the first time Null has used a valuable domain to build a business. He’s bought and developed a couple category killer domain names in the past. In this episode of Domain Name Wire Radio, Null will explain:

-How he bought, built it up, and sold it to iREIT
-His “teaching moment” of the value of a generic, category killer domain name, and how owning got him meetings with billion dollar companies
-The importance of subject matter passion when developing a raw domain into a big web site
-How he built out into a large enterprise, ultimately selling out to GeoSign
-His vision for, an educationald site that interviews entrepreneurs

You can listen to the show by clicking below, or read the transcript if you’d prefer. Feel free to embed this show into your web site using the “publish to my site” feature below.

Show Title: "DNW Radio: Brian Null of"

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With: Brian Null
Sponsored by: Traverse Legal

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