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AT&T Should Sell to Google

February 9, 2010at&t,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, google buzz, UncategorizedComments Off on AT&T Should Sell to Google

Google launches Buzz. AT&T owns

Google announced Google Buzz today. Immediately I thought of the domain name

A couple years ago I was working on a domain acquisition from AT&T and, while searching whois, noticed that the company owned

The domain name has sat largely underutilized. Recently, a landing page for a closed-beta social networking service appeared on the site:

About Want to know the best places to go or businesses to call? Let help you tap your social net for business recommendations from the people you trust most – your friends and family.

OK, so a social network for local business recommendations. How’s that working out for you? AT&T shouldn’t be in the business of social networks, and this is going to go nowhere.

So perhaps AT&T should sell the domain name to Google. True, I don’t think Google will pay much for it. After all, people will access Google Buzz through Gmail. And Google hasn’t shown a propensity to buy domain names related to brands.

But at least the domain would go to better use.

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