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BargainDomains Switches to Auction Format, Gets Catchy

April 21,,, Domain Sales, Domaining,, Domainnamewire, francois carrilloComments Off on BargainDomains Switches to Auction Format, Gets Catchy

Two domain sales sites get upgrades., a site from Francois Carrillo of that offers domain names at a significant discount from their appraised value, is switching to an auction format. Previously, domain names were offered at a fixed price for 30 days. Little information about the auctions is available at this time, but submissions are open at the BargainDomains web site.

Another domain sales site from Carrillo — — has also received some significant upgrades. The first is the recent name change from Mocus to Catchy. Now, is obviously a great domain name. (Carrillo tells me he paid a lot for it, and given who the previous owner was I’m not surprised). But it’s even better since, frankly, never appealed to me because it sounds like mucus.

In addition to the name change, now accepts more types of domain names for inclusion. Previously domains had to be 4 letters or fewer; now five are OK. Also, ccTLDs are now accepted on the site. The site also went through a design overhaul and improved its affiliate program.

Most of the domains currently listed on are pronounceable four character CVCV domains such as,, and, although there are also some three character domains.

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