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ChatRoulette Launches New Services Without Domain Names

July 15, 2010chat roulette, Domaining, Domainnamewire, UncategorizedComments Off on ChatRoulette Launches New Services Without Domain Names

More domain name issues for ChatRoulette. has become somewhat of a hot button topic in domainer circles thanks to the saga. So it’s interesting to see a new set of features from ChatRoulette with domain implications.

First, the company launched ChannelRoulette and LocalRoulette. The site doesn’t own the corresponding domain names. was registered by a Florida man in March; was registered in January 2009.

Second, the so-called channels will be at subdomains of For example, a channel could be Given the immense amount of traffic this web site gets, don’t be surprised to see quite a bit of missing-dot typo traffic to the popular channels. For example,

While we’re on the topic, the saga continues. A pre-trial hearing has been called between the original registrant of the domain and the party that claims it had a deal to purchase it. Meanwhile, the buyer of has filed a trademark application for

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