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Chicago Tribune wants to take down “Occupy” sites

May 24, 2012chicago tribune, Domaining, Domainnamewire, occupy, Policy & LawComments Off on Chicago Tribune wants to take down “Occupy” sites

Sites claim to be news for the 99%.

The Chicago Tribune Company has filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization over “occupy” web sites using its brand.

The complaint targets and, the former of which is a web site that states “We’re proud to have no affiliation whatsoever with the 1% Chicago Tribune or the Tribune Co.”.

The site states:

The Occupied Chicago Tribune is an independent media source for those who do not see their struggles and views represented in the mainstream press. We created this paper to provide an outlet for reporting, commentary and analysis on the growing Occupy movement, its unique application in our city and the struggles of the 99%.

These “occupiers” are going to flip out even more against the man when they learn about trademark law.

The Occupied Chicago Tribune also links to similar sites, including Occupied Wall Street Journal and Occupied Oakland Tribune.

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