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Google Acquires and Domain Names

May 16, 2011chrome book, chromebooks, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, googleComments Off on Google Acquires and Domain Names

When company acquired domains is unknown; neither domain resolves yet.

It appears that Google has purchased the domain names and ChromeBooks.comm but for some reason they aren’t using the domains yet for their recently-announced product.

On May 15 both domain names’ whois records switched to DNStination, Inc., an affiliate of brand protection company MarkMonitor. Google has used DNStination in the past for domain name registrations it wanted to keep out of the public eye. has been around for a while, having been registered back in 2000. However, it has expired since then and was picked up by a Houston company in January. Shortly thereafter the domain name was placed under whois privacy. It’s possible that Google acquired the domain name through MarkMonitor back in January and then placed it under whois privacy, just lifting that over the weekend., on the other hand, has been protected by whois privacy for many years, and appears to be a more recent purchase.

My guess is we see both of these domain names start resolving soon.

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