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Go Daddy Files Trademarks, Tips Its Hand

May 11, 2010claim your domain, Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, GoDaddy,, trademarksComments Off on Go Daddy Files Trademarks, Tips Its Hand

Trademarks might show what domain name registrar is up to.

domains, websites, and everything in betweenGoDaddy has filed a number of trademarks in the past couple months — some of which may foreshadow new services from the company.

First, the company filed a pair of trademark applications for its new slogan “Domains, websites, and everything* in between”. The company started using the new slogan back in March according to the applications. A few days later it filed an application for the graphic version of the slogan as well as the standard character mark.

On April 29 the company submitted a trademark application for “Claim your Domain”. I noticed that a couple of the entries to GoDaddy’s commercial contest are titled “Claim Your Domain”. I’m not aware of the company using this slogan before, so perhaps these commercials will be winners in the contest? [Update: as a commenter pointed out, rival Network Solutions owns the domain name]

On April 8 GoDaddy filed an application for, which is currently a reserved .me domain name. It looks like the company is going to offer a security product under the domain. The classes for the trademark are related to security, including domain privacy services and SSL certificates.

Other recent trademark applications include “Elastic Data Center”, “We Make Websites Easy”, and “Data Widgets”.

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