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ClickBank Cracks Down on Questionable Sales Practices

August 2, 2011clickbank, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & LawComments Off on ClickBank Cracks Down on Questionable Sales Practices

Payment processor and affiliate network changes guidelines for promoting products using its services.

I’ve had a ClickBank account for over a decade. In college I used Clickbank to sell thousands of dollars worth of product a month.

But over the past decade it seems there’s been a race to the bottom in info product pitches, especially in the “make money online” category. And ClickBank is home to a lot of them.

Today ClickBank announced new promotional guidelines, hinting that they’re in response to regulatory changes (e.g. FTC) and credit card processor requirements.

Among the changes that will stop some very commonly used sales pitches:

1. False Scarcity

You’ve undoubtedly seen pitches saying only 300 copies of an eBook will be sold. But then the seller keeps offering the product after 300 are sold.

You’ve also seen pitch pages that tell you that an offer is good for only the next 10 minutes.

Clickbank will no longer allow these claims. It will allow true scarcity claims if you really will only sell x copies of a product.

2. Discount pricing

Isn’t it amazing how every eBook is “regularly priced” at $197 but you can get it today for only $47?

ClickBank will no longer allow this unless you really did sell the product for $197 previously.

3. Unreasonable claims

This one is more of a grey area. But here’s an (all to common) example cited by ClickBank:

Statements that infer that the product is significantly easier to use than it really is (for example, “one push button to make money” or “three simple words will provide you income”). ClickBank requires that pitches make reasonable attempts to reflect the actual effort required to achieve typical results. It is generally unreasonable to assume that someone with little or no experience in internet marketing can achieve a 6-figure income with an hour or less of effort per day. It is more reasonable to assume that with attention, effort, and spare time, the average person with little or no internet marketing experience can achieve a supplemental income.

I applaud ClickBank for making these changes.

The company is also working to get domain names including its trademark. In addition to a previous UDRP win for, it just won

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