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Amazon, Google, and Symantec to fight for .cloud domain name

June 13,,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, google, symantec, top level domains, UncategorizedComments Off on Amazon, Google, and Symantec to fight for .cloud domain name

Seven applicants to compete for .cloud top level domain include some really big internet giants.

Seven applicants filed requests with ICANN for the .cloud top level domain name — and three of them are heavyweight contenders., Google, and Symantec Corporation are all in the running for the domain name. They’ll be competing against some smaller competitors including,,, and Top Level Domain Holdings.

If the seven can’t work out a deal as to who will run the domain then the domain will proceed to an auction. With such big pocketed companies going after this one, it could easily go for millions of dollars.

The bigger question: if it’s worth millions of dollars.

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