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Owner of .Com Domain Sues for .Co Domain Name

June 22, domain name, anticberquatting lawsuit, Cybersquatting, Domaining, Domainnamewire, lawsuits, Policy & LawComments Off on Owner of .Com Domain Sues for .Co Domain Name

Real estate firm sues owner of .co.

The owner of a .com domain name has filed a lawsuit (pdf) to get the .co version of their domain name. This is the first such .co federal anticybersquatting lawsuit I’m aware of (although there have been plenty of UDRPs and I don’t think a complainant has lost yet).

Real estate company Sibcy Cline filed the in rem lawsuit against

The firm registered both and way back in 1995. But someone else registered the .co domain name in July last year.

Sibcy Cline sent a couple cease and desist letters to the registrant, who finally responded by saying he’d sell the domain name for $1,500. Sibcy Cline rejected the offer, only to find that the domain name was transferred to another registrant shortly thereafter.

The lawsuit seeks transfer of the domain name.

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.Co Scores Another Big Win With

May 17, domain name, Domain Sales, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on .Co Scores Another Big Win With

Registry sells four premium domains to giant etailer. has purchased,,, and from the .co registry, TechCrunch reported this evening.

.Co Internet has previously sold other one letter domain names, including (sold to Overstock for $350,000) and (auctioned off for $81,000 in a charity auction).

Other allocated one letter domains include for twitter and for Go Daddy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon uses as a link shortener itself.

Most interesting to me is Would Amazon actually brand a service as Or was this a throw in?

This will be interesting to watch. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit .Co has trumped all other recent TLD launches for creating buzz and getting big name buy in.

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June 7, domain name, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire,, sedoComments Off on Domain Name Auction Starts at Sedo

Bidding for underway.

DotCoThe charity auction of, sponsored by .Co Internet and Sedo, has started and runs through June 10.

A lot of people have been comparing this auction to that of e.Biz, but I don’t think the comparison makes sense. e.Biz sold for so much because it’s a very common term — eBiz. Just look at the buyer, which owns, to understand the value.

So what is the value of I think most of the value lies in the “eco” or “green” branding of the name. It would make for a great URL shortener for green companies. It would also be a good domain for a portal site about going green. Better yet, a large company might snap up the domain to show off its eco awareness.

Two things that could make this a great auction: it’s getting a ton of press and the winning bidder gets to select a charity (sans religious and political charities) to receive the proceeds (although it won’t be tax deductible).

In order to bid in the auction you need to fill out a pre-qualification form and contract and make a $1,000 deposit.

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