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.Co Explains Its Expiring Domains

August 4, domain names, Domaining, Domainnamewire, UncategorizedComments Off on .Co Explains Its Expiring Domains

.Co domains will begin dropping soon…

With the one year anniversary of the .co launch upon us, .Co has published details about expiring .co domain names and what happens to them:

1. When a domain expires, it will go into suspension status and registrars have 45 days to renew or delete the domain. Of course, some registrars will opt to auction off domains during this time if not renewed.

2. The registrar can delete the domain name any time during the 45 day suspension status period. That means a .co can drop from the registry anywhere between 20-65 days after the domain expires because…

3. When a domain is deleted, it will enter a Redemption Grace Period for 20 days. Domains can be renewed during the first 15 days of the RGP.

4. .Co’s Reservation system went live yesterday. It allows .co registrars to get on a waitlist for expiring .co domain names. It is currently offered by, Domain Monster, eNom, HEXONET, and Pool.

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