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First, Now Sells for Five Figures

April 27,, colombia, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, sedoComments Off on First, Now Sells for Five Figures

Second premium liquor keyword in .co sells in as many weeks.

Sedo has brokered the sale of for $10,000 to the same person who bought for $14,500 just a week ago.

Of course was one of the most expensive domain names ever sold. Legendary domainer Roy Messer sold it to a Russian vodka company for $3 million.

So who’s the mystery buyer snapping up these liquor domains?

No, it’s not a liquor company. It’s someone in the Czech Republic who has a penchant for high quality keyword .co domain names. The same person owns both and He also owns some generic keywords in .asia.

The seller of the two liquor domains is someone in Bogota, Colombia, who likely got the domain names through the grandfathering process when .co was opened up at the second level.

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.Co and Other Commercialized ccTLDs Hit New York Times

February 6,, colombia, Domaining, Domainnamewire, juan calle, UncategorizedComments Off on .Co and Other Commercialized ccTLDs Hit New York Times

Article highlights commercialization of two letter country code domains.

The New York Times published an article today about the commercialization of country code top level domain names.

Colombia’s .co will get major attention after a Go Daddy commercial plugs it today, and .co was front and center in the article.

.Co Internet CEO Juan Calle noted that Colombia gets 25% of revenue from sales of .co. This is the first time I’ve seen this number published.

.Co grossed $20 million last year thanks to higher prices for sunrise and premium domain names. Calle thinks the number will be $30 million this year. He hope to hit five million .co domain names within five years, according to the article.

Last month I somewhat humorously suggested that the new “south Sudan” could name itself for domain name profits. I was a bit surprised to get a note from someone working on the renaming the next week asking for my opinion.

Other popular commercialized ccTLDs include .tv (Tuvalu) and .me (Montenegro).

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