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Live Current Proxy Battle Exposing Ugly Truth

September 22,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, live current media, UncategorizedComments Off on Live Current Proxy Battle Exposing Ugly Truth

Company has murky past.

The battle over Live Current Media’s board is heating up, and with each war of words more of the company’s questionable past comes out into the open.

In Live Current’s Preliminary Proxy Statement for its upcoming meeting, current CEO Geoffrey Hampson said he began to have a falling out with the Jeffs family after Hampson didn’t have Live Current buy the web site

Confused? Take a look at the players.

David Jeffs – former President of Live Current
Richard Jeffs – David’s father
Geoffrey Hampson – current CEO and Chairman of Board

According to the proxy statement, Richard Jeffs wanted Live Current to purchase, a company that Richard Jeffs said he controlled. Live Current reviewed the idea but ultimately passed. The relationship between Hampson and Jeffs deteriorated from there, at least according to the statement.

Have you heard of before? There are two reasons. First, L’Oreal bought it for seven figures earlier this year.

Second, and more importantly, Live Current used to own back when Live Current was called sold the domain name to Manhattan Assets Corp along with,, and But you know what? Richard Jeffs served as a director at Manhattan Assets Corp.

Come again? Basically members of the Jeffs family purchased,, and from Then they “sold” back to in order to eliminate an ongoing royalty payment provision while Richard’s son was still President of the company. Later, Richard allegedly asked Live Current to also buy back.

Richard Jeffs was also a party to a settlement with the British Columbia Securities Commission (the “BCSC”) in April 2007. It turns out the Jeffs family is tied to what The Vancouver Sun called a boiler room.

One of the stocks it pushed was

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