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These community TLD applications are a complete joke

June 13, 2012community tlds, Domaining, Domainnamewire, icann, Policy & LawComments Off on These community TLD applications are a complete joke

Be ready to prove you’re part of the .shop community if you want to register a .shop domain.

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with the new TLD applicant guidebook is preference given to applications representing a so-called community. This is ripe for gaming.

Consider these applications that say they are representing a “community”:

.Music – .music LLC from Far Further and CGR E-Commerce LTD
.eco from Big Room Inc.
.Shop from Commercial Connect and GMO Registry
.Corp, .Inc, .LLC, .LLP from Dot Registry LLC
.Kids from DotKids Foundation Limited
.Art from, LLC
.Radio from European Broadcasting Union
.Hotel from HOTEL Top-Level-Domain GmbH
.Sport from SportAccord
.Ski from Starting Dot
.Tennis from Tennis Australia LTD
.Webs from VistaPrint/

How do these applicants suggest their domains represent communities?

Let’s start with the last one, .webs. VistaPrint owns It applied both as a community and a regular applicant. What exactly is the .webs community? Apparently people who have used the web site:

The Applicant is committing to serve the ‘WEBS’ community. The ‘WEBS’ community was created in late 2005 by Freewebs, now called Webs, Inc. Webs, Inc. presently is a subsidiary of the Applicant. In August 2006, Business Wire reported on this stating that “new Freewebs tools and features put the ‘We’ in Web for world’s largest Web Publisher; import tools, profile pages and ratings & comments help enhance online experience, engage website fvistors and create a single web presence for millions of users” (Document 20.a.1). Since 2006, the Applicant started by giving its users the option to publish their myWebs profile as a page on their website, making it accessible and searchable to all Freewebs – and later on Webs – visitors. The Applicant invested in creating the tools necessary for its members to simply create their Web presence and share their passions with the world.

Since its inception, the name of the community was ‘WEBS’. This is shown by the mention of ‘myWebs’ and the mention of the name ‘Webs’ as such to refer to the blog that was used by the community to communicate with each other to share Webs experiences

Give me a freakin’ break.

.Kids says it represents the entire community of people under the age of 18. Um, OK.

.Corp serves the “Community of Registered Corporations. Members of the community are defined as businesses registered as corporations within the United States or its territories.”

If you want to register a .ski domain, you “will have to be verifiable members of the ski community”. What, do I have to show my lift ticket or something?

You get the point…

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