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Comwired Acquires Domain Name

April 26, 2010comwired,, Domain Services, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Comwired Acquires Domain Name

DNS management company acquires the perfect domain name.

DNS.comWhat happens when a DNS company with a domainer background wants to upgrade its brand? It acquires the category-killer, three letter domain name

Comwired, which offers hosted DNS management services, acquired and is changing its brand. It appears the acquisition was made about two months ago, but the company is just now undergoing the rebrand.

In a press release, Comwired CEO Dan Kimball said “This opportunity was the next step in solidifying our position in the DNS marketplace while also giving clients a peace of mind that they are being supported by a highly-robust, and economically practical DNS solution. Like many of our customers, we pride ourselves on being a technology- and service-oriented business. The domain is a powerful asset which will help expand our online community through increased name recognition and memorability.”

The acquisition price was not disclosed.

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Friday Domain News Bytes

October 30, 2009comwired, Domaining, Domainnamewire, icann, idn, Moniker, rick latona, SnapNames, UncategorizedComments Off on Friday Domain News Bytes

Quick news updates before the weekend.

It’s the Friday before Halloween and there’s a lot of domain news to report. I’ll be taking off early today to go to my daughter’s Halloween school carnival (she’s dressing up as a Flamingo), so here’s a condensed version of all the news that’s fit to print.

IDN TLDs are coming! ICANN’s board has approved the fast track IDN country code domain name process. Here’s what you need to know:

1. These are the first top level domain names to allow non-Latin characters at the top level (many allow second level non-Latin characters already).

2. This only applies to a limited number of new country code domain names. Probably 20-30.

3. Some countries may give existing ccTLD holders rights to the new IDN ccTLD, but not all.

4. This will not affect existing gTLD domain names, such as .com.

ComWired has released a new user interface. ComWired, which lets you send internet traffic to different destinations based on the visitor’s geo location, has released an improved user interface. Check it out.

When will Moniker synchronize its whois data reminders? Really, it’s annoying getting a whois accuracy reminder every couple days. Why can’t it send out one a year like the other registrars?

It’s Extended Auction time. Check out both the extended Rick Latona auction and Moniker auction (over at Snapnames).

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