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Republicans create Cory Booker web sites

May 22, 2012cory booker, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, republican national committeeComments Off on Republicans create Cory Booker web sites

Republican National Committee registers Cory Booker domains and creates petition sites.

Ever since Newark, New Jersey mayor and super-hero Cory Booker kinda-sorta-maybe got on the Obama campaign’s case for attacking Mitt Romney on his Bain record, Republicans everywhere have been rejoicing.

That includes the Republican National Committee, which just registered the domain names and and has created a web site for them.

The web site asks people to sign a petition saying “Don’t let the Obama campaign silence support for job creation.”

I’m not quite sure who is against job creation, but that’s how the spin doctors are working it out.

Of course, the Republicans don’t stand with Booker on other issues that they care about. Like gay marriage.

Maybe they should have registered

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