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CrossFit Blows (and CrossFit isn’t happy about that)

September 24, 2012crossfit, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, udrpComments Off on CrossFit Blows (and CrossFit isn’t happy about that)

Florida training center upsets CrossFit.

CrossFit may be good at kicking peoples’ butts into shape at the gym, but now it’s doing burpees in front of an arbitration panel.

A UDRP case was just filed at National Arbitration Froum for the domain name

What’s interesting is that the domain name is owned by an apparent rival to the CrossFit program called Monsters Training Center in Florida.

If you go to you’ll see an unfriendly message: #FYF #Monsters

Companies frequently register “blows” and “sucks” versions of their names. This is especially important for an exercise movement that’s sure to have its detractors. was registered in January of this year. was registered to someone at Amherst College back in 2008.

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