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Dell Wins 7 Domain Name Arbitration Cases

December 11, 2009dell, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, udrpComments Off on Dell Wins 7 Domain Name Arbitration Cases

Dell scores victories in domain disputes.

DellComputer and technology services company Dell has received an early Christmas present, winning seven domain name arbitration cases in the span of just one week.

For the Dell brand, the company won five cases covering 8 domain names. One is an obvious typo, The company also won a case for four gaming related domain names:,,, and Other domains picked up through arbitration include,, and

The company also won two domain names related to its Alienware brand of high performance computers: and

Although Dell is no stranger to the UDRP process, this sudden spurt of cases filed in October is somewhat of an anomaly. It appears to have only filed two other cases this year. One was for, a typo for MessageOne, a company Dell acquired. The other case was for two more Alienware domains, and

According to a search at, Dell has never lost a UDRP case.

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