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Epik Acquires Domain Development Company DevRich

May 26, 2010devrich, Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, epik, rob monsterComments Off on Epik Acquires Domain Development Company DevRich

Epik adds to development capabilities.

Rob Monster’s Epik has acquired domain name development company DevRich. The transaction was an all-equity transaction and the valuation was not disclosed.

This is both a talent acquisition and a technology acquisition. Luke Webster, President of DevRich, will become SVP Operations of Epik. He will continue to run DevRich, which will be a division of Epik.

I met Webster and his business partner at DOMAINfest this past January, where they presented in PITCHfest.

DevRich will mass develop your domain names for about $5 each. As Monster points out in a blog post about the acquisition, mass development only gets you so far. The thinking is that by developing your domains on DevRich, you can figure out which ones have the most potential. You can then use some of Epik’s (and DevRich’s) more advanced solutions for product portals and directories to expand your sites.

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