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Devsa Provides Free Marketing Tools to Domainers

September 15, 2010devsa, Domain Sales, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Devsa Provides Free Marketing Tools to Domainers

New domain name community has potential.

DevsaCreating a marketplace is difficult. Getting traction with a social network is hard. One new domain name web site is trying to bring a bit of both together.

Devsa calls itself a domain marketplace and social network. And it lives up to the billing, allowing you to buy and sell domain names as well as interact with other domainers and write blogs.

The site has a solid user interface and some improvements to what you find in most domain marketplaces. Two features seem like they could be helpful out the gate to the typical domainer:

-Domain catalog – create your own catalog of domains on the web with no technical expertise. When someone asks for your portfolio, just send them the link

-Search engine friendly page – Devsa creates an SEO friendly page for each of your domain names.

Over time Devsa could get some of the social cohesion around a marketplace that Bido developed running again in the domain community. If I have any doubts, it’s that Devsa has too many features out of the gate. Perhaps focusing on the marketplace aspect (or even just the ability to display your portfolio) first would make it easier to get the attention this platform deserves.

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