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First, now

It’s been a couple months since I first became aware that the company that owns was getting ready to launch a new store at Today the store went live. is an online store for toiletries and other household products. Think of it as the section of Target that has the vitamins, detergent, and razors.

The idea is to make it easier, cheaper, and more convenient for people to get all of these products. In my part of the world it’s easy to buy these products at the grocery store or with a quick trip to Target. But anyone who lives in an urban area will tell you that trying to pick up these items and take them home on the subway is a real pain.

You may question the business sense in shipping a 2.95 liter bottle of Tide. Remind you of shipping dog food? But remember, this company found a way to ship big boxes of diapers without breaking the bank.

And, if nothing else, you have to like the company’s use of category-killer domain names.

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Quidsi acquired earlier this year; set to launch new site.

Earlier this year Quidsi, the parent company of, acquired the domain name It looks like it’s getting ready to launch a new site or brand and is sending out a teaser to the press.

Given the success has had with its flagship web site, it makes sense that the company would pick another great category-killer domain for its next brand. Of course, it could just be a brand and not a completely new store. was owned by Atlanta, Georgia-based Hill Manufacturing Co, Inc until earlier this year. On January 13 the domain name was transferred to Quidsi. The company used whois privacy from Network Solutions on the domain, but privacy doesn’t block the name of the owner. started by selling only diapers, but then expanded into other baby products. It will be interesting to see what it decides to do with this domain.

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