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Haiti Top Level Domain Mostly Functional

January 15,, DNS, Domaining, Domainnamewire, haiti, UncategorizedComments Off on Haiti Top Level Domain Mostly Functional

.HT domain name continues to function with some limitations.

In the wake of earthquakes in Haiti, the country’s top level domain name remains functional with some limitations, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers reported on its blog today.

The ability to access the country’s top level domain name .HT is important for communication during the crisis. ICANN reports:

-Administrators of the .ht domain name are “alive and well”.

-Some of the name servers for .ht are not reachable from outside Haiti due to damage to the telecommunications infrastructure.

-.HT continues to function through a number of sites outside Haiti, and the country’s name server partners are taking precautions to make sure access continues should the situation in Haiti deteriorate.

In its blog post, ICANN underscores the importance of an operating domain name system during a crisis:

Functioning telecommunications can make a real difference in recovering from a major natural disaster. The naming and numbering infrastructure is just a small piece of this, but we want to be sure it continues to function so that is not the obstacle that prevents people communicating.

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