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DNW Certified Stats Adds SedoPro and DomainAdvertising

September 24, 2010dnw certified stats, Domain Parking, domainadvertising, Domaining, Domainnamewire, sedoproComments Off on DNW Certified Stats Adds SedoPro and DomainAdvertising

Two more parking companies added to parking stats verification service.

Today DNW Certified Stats added support for SedoPro accounts and DomainAdvertising. Now you can easily share stats for your parked domain names at 8 different parking companies.

SedoPro is the advanced parking program offered by Sedo. Users must have at least 1,000 domain names or $300 in monthly revenue to qualify. If you are interested in a SedoPro account and meet the qualifications, please contact me and I’ll send an invitation to you.

Please note that DNW Certified Stats also works with regular Sedo accounts.

DomainAdvertising is a new(er) parking platform that brings stellar landing pages together with both automated and human optimization.

DNW Certified Stats is still in beta. If you have a SedoPro or DomainAdvertising account, I’d appreciate you trying out the service and reporting any problems to me.

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