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WalMart Goes After Typo

October 29, 2009domain arbitration, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, udrpComments Off on WalMart Goes After Typo

Walmart files for domain arbitration, but not against the actual web site.

PeopleofWalmart.comRemember how a couple weeks ago I wondered how long it would be before Walmart would file a domain arbitration case against

Well, there was an interesting twist today. Walmart filed a case, not against the actual site, but against a typo of it: (notice the a instead of o).

It should be a slam dunk case for Walmart, given that the registrant can’t show any legitimate use. He also registered, and both are parked.

Of course, if Walmart went for the actual through the UDRP process, it should lose the case.

As another interesting aside about the web-meme-of-the-moment, when I visited today, all of the ads were for Walmart.

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