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My Favorite Domain Blogs For…

June 16, 2011domain blogs, Domaining, Domainnamewire, UncategorizedComments Off on My Favorite Domain Blogs For…

A few of my favorite blogs and what I learn from them.

I read a number of domain blogs and get a different thing out of each one. Here are a few and the value they deliver to me.

DomainIncite primarily for policy news and information. Kevin Murphy is a journalist who knows ICANN and internet policy inside and out. When it comes to new gTLDs and the ongoing battle over internet governance, Kevin definitely has you covered.

Elliot’s Blog for practical tips for selling domains and small scale development. Elliot isn’t afraid to share his tips for selling domain names. He also explains what he’s doing to develop his domain names. I use the term “small scale development” in a positive context. It means something that an individual can do with some outside contractors/services. After all, most of us don’t have a team of developers working for us.

The Domains for controversy and debate. I read Michael Berkens’ blog for a number of reasons, but I’d say he’s really good at stoking flames. He’s not afraid to write controversial stuff. I don’t always agree with him, but I appreciate his viewpoint.

Again, these aren’t the only blogs I read and I’m not trying to make a list of “top blogs”. I’m just sharing a few examples of domain name blogs I read regularly and what I get out of them.

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