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Dotster moves domains to credentials

May 17, 2012Domain Registrars,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, dotsterComments Off on Dotster moves domains to credentials

Company transfers domains between registrar accreditations.

Dotster Domain.comIf you start to see domain name registrar growing in registrar ranking reports, there’s a good explanation for that.

Dotster, which owns, has transferred the domain names from its Dotster accreditation to the one.

I was alerted to this change when I received a DomainTools whois change alert on a friend’s domain name that I helped her register. My first thought was that her domain had been stolen, until I remembered that Dotster owns

I reached out to Dotster to find out what was going on. Brian Unruh, General Manager at Dotster, told Domain Name Wire:

Through acquisitions, Dotster historically has owned many registrar credentials. We consolidated them to deliver a higher quality customer experience and better efficiency. In fact this change is just one of many that we’re making to improve the services we provide our customers. While’s registrations are now using the credential, Dotster customers will remain Dotster customers and continue to receive industry leading service and care.

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