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Archive for the ‘domain marketplace’ Category Gets Patent for Selling and Leasing Domain Names

September 28,, domain marketplace, domain name patent, Domain Sales, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Gets Patent for Selling and Leasing Domain Names

Amazon granted patent for domain name marketplace.

Amazon domain subsidiary Amazon Technologies, Inc. was today granted U.S. patent number 7,805,379 for “Method and system for leasing or purchasing domain names”.

This patent, which was applied for in December 2007, seems to conflict with a number of existing domain name marketplace and domain monetization technologies that were commercially available at the time the patent application was filed.

One conflict in particular is Sendori, which offers a bidded marketplace to “lease” traffic that goes to a particular domain name. The leasing system described in Amazon’s patent would allow someone to go to a marketplace and lease a fraction or all of the traffic to a domain name. The marketplace would then split the traffic accordingly through a redirect. However, Amazon’s method may lease a percentage of traffic for a set period of time rather than on a per-visitor basis.

The marketplace could also offer domain names for sale and may also include some sort of valuation technology. You can read the full patent here (pdf). Abstract:

A method and system are described that enables a domain name owner (i.e., a “lessor”) to grant a third party (i.e., a “lessee”) a lease to any domain name the lessor owns. More specifically, a lessor may use a domain name service to allow a third party (i.e., a “lessee”) to lease a domain name for use or to purchase the domain name outright. More specifically, the lessor may lease a domain name to the lessee so that any user who accesses the leased domain name is redirected to a network resource identified by the lessee. The lessee may also be provided the option to purchase the domain name outright from the lessor, rather than lease it.

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New Domain Auction Service Launches

September 23, 2010domain auction, domain marketplace, Domain Sales, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on New Domain Auction Service Launches

New domain name auction platform launches. has launched, a new domain name auction site.

The service is very different from typical marketplaces such as Afternic and Sedo. It focuses on auctions only and you can list lots instead of just single domains. It’s also highly flexible, allowing you to set your own bid increments, buy-it-now option, reserve prices, etc. also shuns the typical commission-based fee structure by charging a simple flat fee of $5 per domain name (an introductory price). By charging a flat, up-front fee I suspect the inventory will be void of junk listings.

Other features include:

-Add Facebook or Twitter, Flash or You Tube video to your auction. and PayPal integrated profile page (add your Twitter, FB, site, etc.)
-Beta and Preview periods
-RSS feed for all your auctions
-Dynamic Flash widget- updated and embeddable
-Buyers and Sellers Kits

Among the introductory names already on auction are,, and

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Are Niche Domain Stores The Wave of the Future?

August 10, 2010domain marketplace, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, page howeComments Off on Are Niche Domain Stores The Wave of the Future?

New topical online domain stores try a different tact to sell domain names.

Most online domain name marketplaces are generic in nature, letting customers search or navigate to the category of their choosing. Does it make sense to have online marketplaces specific to a particular category, too?

A handful of entrepreneurs and domainers think so.

Last week David Bleaman sent me information about, a site where small businesses can purchase their geo-targeted domain names. The site has over 4,000 domain names listed, ranging from to

Elsewhere, Page Howe’s JoeDomains has released six (yes, six) niche domain name stores. Looking for green domains? He’s got you covered at Sports domains? There’s a store for that, too. Howe also launched stores for Web 2.0 domains, .tv, bargains, and even — get this — Names for Domainers.

Do niche domain stores work? I can see some cases where they make perfect sense. A few months ago I was brainstorming “green” names for a project and could certainly see myself using a site like

At the same time, getting inside the head of the typical end user buying a domain name is a different ball game. Hopefully these entrepreneurs can report back in the future with success stories.

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