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Sedo to Release Domain MLS in 2010

September 30, 2009domain mls, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, sedoComments Off on Sedo to Release Domain MLS in 2010

Sedo creating network to provide more exposure to domain name listings.

[UPDATE: Sedo actually introduced its MLS platform earlier this year and I wrote about it here. Sedo's recent marketing email about SedoMLS is that all Sedo customers will get access to sell domains on it sometime in 2010. Currently, only certain partners and large portfolio holders are able to use SedoMLS. I have updated the story accordingly.]

Domain broker Sedo will introduce expand its own version of a “domain name multiple listing service” in 2010. The system is currently only available to certain partners, but will be open to all Sedo sellers next year.

There are two technical keys to domain MLS systems working. First, domains must be instantly transferred to buyers in a process known as “instant fulfillment”. Second, domain names need to be priced. Buyers who discover a name when searching for names at a registrar — typically end users — don’t want to haggle and are willing to pay more to close a deal now. But most of the domains listed at Sedo aren’t priced, so Sedo must address this problem first.

To encourage fixed price listings, Sedo is changing it “no minimum commission” offer on October 21. The current promotion charges no minimum commission if a domain is parked at Sedo when it sells. The new promotion will require the domain to be parked at Sedo and have a fixed price.

To help customers set a fixed price, Sedo has a newly released price suggestion tool.

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