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Asia Trademark Domain Scam Now Spoofing WIPO

September 10, 2010domain name scam, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, wipo, world intellectual property organizationComments Off on Asia Trademark Domain Scam Now Spoofing WIPO

Scam ups the ante by pretending to be World Intellectual Property Organization.

The Trademark Domain Name Scam is upping the ante, now pretending to be an email sent from World Intellectual Property Organization.

In this scam, an entity that usually says it’s located in Asia says that someone has applied to register a number of domain names that include your “trademark” (really just the second level of one of your domain registrations). You can see an example of the scam emails here.

It’s an effective scam. I get more inquiries from smart business people about this particular scam than any other.

Now the scammers are upping the ante, sending the email with a return address is World Intellectual Property Organization’s web site. does not resolve but is registered to “KS Network Solutions”. The email includes two attached graphics, one with a phone number to contact the scammer and one with the web address

If you get one of these emails, just delete it or spam it. (Note to Google: create a button in Gmail to “report scam” in addition to the “report spam” button.)

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