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Dan Warner Joins as CEO

November 25, 2009directi, Domain Services,, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Dan Warner Joins as CEO

Warner joins Directi’s new venture.

Dan WarnerA familiar face in the domain name world is joining Directi’s as CEO.

Dan Warner, previously the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operation Officer of Dark Blue Sea, the company that runs Fabulous, has joined the company and already hit the ground running.

Warner explained how the company plans to shake up the domain industry:

We will be doing the exact opposite of most domain companies. Significant capital, human resources and infrastructure will be used to accelerate internet advertising innovation and design. We expect that many of the other players in the industry will look like they are standing still or going backwards in comparison to our scheduled advancements.

DomainAdvertising was launched at the most recent TRAFFIC conference in New York City.

Warner will lead an initial team of 30 people at, but will also have access to Directi’s 500 person employee base.

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October 27, 2009directi, Domain Parking,, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on Could Lift Domain Industry

New service from Directi could boost industry.

Domain AdvertisingEvery once in a while you see a new product hit the domain name market that you really want to see succeed. from Directi is one of those. has the potential to bring more advertising dollars to the domain traffic market. It is the first service I know of that will evangelize the value of domain traffic to advertisers. We all know that we can’t count on Google and Yahoo to do that.

The company offers a high touch service for advertisers to help them maximize the value they can get from the domain channel. That includes buying parked domain clicks from existing networks and directly from domain owners, leasing domain traffic, and buying domain redirects.

So what does that mean for domainers? I asked Alap Ghosh, VP – Strategy and Business Development, to break it down:

We’re a traffic monetization program for domain owners. They will park their domains with us and we will then use our advertising network relationships to maximize the revenue earned on traffic from the domains. The traffic will be sold in different inventory models and using different media formats, optimized for the traffic that we receive. We will also selectively bring services like domain leasing and domain brokering among others. Our focus is to directly evangelize the domain medium to advertisers and help them buy traffic. We believe that of all the online advertising mediums available today, domains bring the best return on ad investments. Advertisers, in turn, have given us a great response and we already have over 120 networks joined up.

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