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DNW Picks for Tomorrow’s DOMAINfest Extended Auction

May 19, 2010Domain Sales, domainfest auction, Domaining, DomainnamewireComments Off on DNW Picks for Tomorrow’s DOMAINfest Extended Auction

Domains to watch in tomorrow’s auction.

The extended auction for last week’s DOMAINfest Global power networking day in Fort Lauderdale ends tomorrow at 3:15 EDT. After looking through the list I came up with 5 extended domain auctions I think are worth a look. There were plenty of good domain names, but many of the ones I got excited about had reserves that I think are too high for investors. $11,770 – I’m not quite sure on this because I’m not sure if the lingo is “charter plane” (singular), “charter a plane”, “plane charter”, etc. $3,420 – great for licensing or training program $590 – an entire category of surveying/HR company $9,420 – I think this is one of the best domains in the auction. The price is a bit higher than where it would be a no-brainer, though. If you’re not from the South you might not understand how big a deal fire ants are. My first experience with them resulted in a trip to the hospital. There are scores of companies selling services to fight the ants (lawn services, pesticides, allergists). $11,770 – at first glance it might be difficult to see what to do with this domain. It would be good for a kidnapping insurance company, but is also somewhat brandable for a game.

Some of the domains I picked for the live auction didn’t sell. Now that I know the actual reserves for them, here are the ones I think are still worth a look. $2,000 – valuable if you have a site idea, possible gaming domain. $5,770 – as I stated before, it’s a bit rich for a .net. But oil is rich, too.

Bidding takes place online here.

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