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A “monster” acquisition, iPhone 5, and

May 17, 2012Domaining, domainmonster, Domainnamewire,, mesh digital, Uncategorized, vanity.comComments Off on A “monster” acquisition, iPhone 5, and

A look at a few stories I haven’t covered this week…

There are a few notable stories in the domain name industry that I missed writing about over the past week, so here’s a quick run down.

A “monster” of an acquisition – Mesh Digital, which owns domain name registrar DomainMonster, has been acquired by Host Europe Group for an undisclosed sum. DomainMonster isn’t a huge registrar, but it has proven quite adept at mastering domain registrations when new top level domains enter their “general availability period”. This will come in handing with hundreds of TLDs coming on line in the next couple years. – Apple filed a UDRP to get earlier this month. The owners put up an initial fight before deciding to hand the domain over the Apple this week. – Quite a stink going on over at TheDomains about this UDRP filing. I hope there’s more to this story than meets the eye. For what it’s worth, the owner of the domain has had it since at least 2005. The company was formed in Nevada.

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Fact Check: UK Registrar World’s Largest New Domain Name Supplier?

March 17, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, domainmonster, Domainnamewire, go daddyComments Off on Fact Check: UK Registrar World’s Largest New Domain Name Supplier?

Reviewing the numbers behind DomainMonster’s claim.

Yesterday domain name registrar sent out a press release “UK Company Confirmed as World’s Largest New Domain Name Supplier“. According to the release,

Measured by the largest number of domains registered in the first month of public door opening at a domain registry, the closest retail competitor was US based Go-Daddy, some 36% behind

It may come as a surprise that a relatively unknown domain name registrar topped Go Daddy by such a large margin. I think we should run this one through analysis like those political fact-checking sites.

There have basically been two gTLD launches in the past two years: .asia and .tel. The first gotcha is that Go Daddy doesn’t offer .tel domain names, so that gives DomainMonster a leg up to begin with. The second is that the data is limited to just one month after the launch of the new domains.

I can’t get my numbers to match up with the company’s 36% lead over Go Daddy, but looking into the numbers shows that the stat is misleading.

First for .Tel. As I said, Go Daddy doesn’t offer .tel, so it’s number is 0. I’m not sure which month DomainMonster used for its .tel data. But in April 2009, which I believe is the first month after general availability of .tel, its parent company Mesh Digital registered 3,675 .tel domain names. In March they registered 10,938. (I’m assuming the company only has one accredited registrar.)

For the other gTLD launch, .asia, Go Daddy outsold DomainMonster 2 or 3x each month around the launch. In April 2008, Go Daddy sold 10,728 .asia domain names through and its reseller program, compared to 4,051 for DomainMonster. March and May numbers have a similar ratio between the two companies.

If you look at how many .asia domains the companies sold during the first calendar year, Go Daddy outsold Domain Monster 3-to-1.

So from a fact-check standpoint, the press release lands somewhere in the middle: technically true, but misleading.

That’s not to say is a bad company. On the contrary, they have done a great job teaming up with registries as they launch new TLDs. You may have seen their booth at one of the many domain conferences.

But if you want to know which company will sell more of a new TLD head-to-head, put your money on those guys in Scottsdale.

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