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Domain registrar offers UDRP insurance

May 21, 2012Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire,, francois carrillo, udrpComments Off on Domain registrar offers UDRP insurance

Registration service offers free insurance against expensive but unfounded UDRP filings.

Francois Carrillo, the guy behind, has launched a new domain registrar (an eNom reseller) with an innovative twist: “UDRP insurance”.

Basically, if you’re hit with a UDRP on one of your domains registered at then you’ll get assistance with finding a domain attorney. Selected domain attorneys offer discounted rates to DONA customers. And if you successfully defend your UDRP, DONA will reimburse you for your legal expenses.

It sounds like an interesting idea that might offer some peace of mind if you frequently get hit with bogus UDRPs.

Additionally, DONA donates 30% of its profits to the Internet Commerce Association, an advocacy group for domainers.

.Com domain registrations at DONA are $11.15.

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