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DotComBuilder Launches 2010 Edition

January 18, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, dotcombuilder, dotcombuilder coupon codeComments Off on DotComBuilder Launches 2010 Edition

DotComBuilder launches 2010 edition of popular web site builder.

DotComBuilderDotComBuilder has launched DCB2010, an update to its services that allows domain name owners to quickly build out their domain names.

DotComBuilder offers turnkey web sites, web templates, and CMS themes for a monthly subscription. The service also offers hosting, making it possible to literally click a couple buttons to develop web sites on domains.

For example, its turnkey web sites include classified ad sites, pixel ad sites, and business directories.

I’ve used DotComBuilder’s turnkey sites in the past. If you just set it and leave it, I wouldn’t expect to generate much revenue from the sites. However, it provides a way to get some search traffic and show that you’re actually using your domain names for a “legitimate” use.

DotComBuilder’s themes and templates are useful for developing your own web sites. In addition to traditional HTML templates, the service offers CMS themes for WordPress, Joomla, and many other content management systems.

With the launch of DCB2010, DCB is offering a 20% discount on new memberships using coupon code 31724355.

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