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New York Times Partnering For News Service at

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.Me gets another vote of confidence.

The New York Times is collaborating with technology incubator Betaworks for a new services at This comes from a reliable source: a blog at The New York Times…

Mr. Zimbalist said that The Times Company, which participated in Betaworks’ most recent round of financing, struck an arrangement where Betaworks would buy a prototype of the app that was created by members of The Times Company’s development labs, and that same team would work with Betaworks developers to finish it.

That structure appears somewhat like a technology commercialization deal.

The post hints that the site will be a social news service. But it doesn’t really matter what it is. From a domain name perspective this is a big win for the .Me domain name. Having a large media organization releasing a site at will be good for the ccTLD.

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