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Dropbox Buys Domain Name [Updated]

October 14, 2009Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, dropboxComments Off on Dropbox Buys Domain Name [Updated] now forwards to

DropboxTechCrunch noticed that popular web backup tool Dropbox has acquired the domain name, which forwards to its web site Hopefully this will be a lesson to web startups to not be stingy with their initial domain purchase, as it costs them lots more money in the long run. Dropbox’s parent company had sued to get the domain name, but recently dismissed the case. That likely means the two parties settled.

Although I don’t agree on his comment about meaningless names, Jason Kincaid’s explanation of the problem is something domainers have been preaching for a long time:

It’s hard to gauge just how important a good domain name is to a startup’s success — after all, we’ve seen plenty of companies with meaningless names do very well for themselves. But there’s a difference between a name that’s gibberish and one that’s very easy to confuse with something else, which is a test that Dropbox failed with its GetDropbox domain. As the service has grown, so too has the amount of traffic heading to, which has just featured a placeholder page full of ads. According to Compete, had nearly 60,000 unique visitors last month. It’s impossible to know how many of them eventually made it to the correct domain, but there’s no doubt Dropbox has been losing out on plenty of traffic and customers. This is a big win for the startup.

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