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Latona’s Agrees to Auction Zuccarini Names Without TRAFFIC Backing

September 9, 2010domain auctions, Domaining, Domainnamewire, ds holdings, john zuccarini, Policy & LawComments Off on Latona’s Agrees to Auction Zuccarini Names Without TRAFFIC Backing

TRAFFIC is out, but auction house still plans to auction domain names.

After TRAFFIC organizers said they wouldn’t let a collection of domains previously registered to John Zuccarini be auctioned at their show, Rick Latona‘s auction house has decided to auction the domains on its own, according to a court filing.

The domains are part of a cybersquatting judgment originally won by Office Depot but later transferred to DS Holdings.

The receiver in the case planned to auction the domain names at next month’s TRAFFIC auction run by Latona. But Zuccarini pointed out that TRAFFIC co-founder Howard Neu had once represented him in the lawsuit that led to the domain names being seized and cried foul.

TRAFFIC organizers then said they wanted nothing to do with the domain names. According to the plaintiff’s attorney:

With his multiple threats, Judgment Debtor John Zuccarini has scared Howard Neu and the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference from getting involved in the auction of the domain holdings.

So the receiver amended his plans to drop the TRAFFIC show but still use Latona’s auction house to auction the domain names. The court has just approved this plan.

But this may not be the end of it. Zuccarini continues to warn Latona that he may be sued if he moves forward with the auction. Zuccarini still argues that the domain names were wrongfully seized from him as he says there was no court order to transfer the domains. He just responded to an argument from VeriSign in an ongoing lawsuit claiming the same (pdf).

What’s interesting to me is the sudden urgency of the judgment holder and receiver to auction the domain names. The domains are earning parking revenue, so they aren’t dead weight. (Although the receiver has some big headaches since he forgot to renew some of the domains). In justifying auctioning the domains in October, the receiver argued that TRAFFIC would be the best venue to sell the domains over the next two years. With TRAFFIC out, the plaintiff now is willing to do an auction without the TRAFFIC umbrella. The plaintiff is arguing to the court that Zuccarini will do whatever he can to stall an auction. But it’s still a mystery why there’s a sudden push to auction the domains.

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Court Denies Emergency Injunction for Zuccarini Domains Sold at NameJet

June 16, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, ds holdings, john zuccarini, lawsuits, Policy & LawComments Off on Court Denies Emergency Injunction for Zuccarini Domains Sold at NameJet

Judge denies request to go after domain names auctioned at NameJet.

Yesterday Judge Susan Illston of U.S. District Court – Northern District of California denied a request for emergency relief on domain names that a court appointed receiver let expire.

On June 4 DNW wrote about how NameJet auctioned off a handful of expired domain names that were held at Network Solutions. It turns out that the domain names were part of the estate of John Zuccarini and were being held by a court-appointed receiver to eventually satisfy a cybersquatting judgment won by Office Depot.

Office Depot previously assigned the judgment to DS Holdings, which stands to potentially lose money after the domain names expired. DS Holdings and Zuccarini asked the court for an emergency injunction to recover the domain names that the receiver let expire.

After getting dragged peripherally into the case because it was the registrar for the domains, Network Solutions asked the court to let it intervene in the case. But the judge denied that too, suggesting that she is not terribly concerned about what happened to the domain names that were lost:

“Defendant John Zuccarini’s and judgment creditor DS Holdings, LLC’s emergency applications for temporary injunctive relief came on for hearing on June 15, 2010. Both emergency applications are DENIED at this time. The receiver and the parties are free to agree on a procedure for auction of the approximately 116 domain names that remain in the receiver’s control, subject to the Court’s approval. Additionally, Network Solutions, LLC’s motion to intervene as a plaintiff in this action is hereby DENIED without prejudice to renewal at a later date.”

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